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From The Desk Of: Mark J. Collins

Product Professor

Welcome. Do you get up on Monday mornings longing for Friday afternoon to arrive? Do you ever question the sanity of spending 5 days a week waiting for 2?

Let's face it… for most us, working a typical 9 – 5  job robs us of much of life's excitement and the opportunity to pursue our own interest. We go to work everyday, not because we want to, but because we feel we must. We are basically selling a large chunk of our life away an hour at a time to fulfill another persons dreams, instead of our own.

So what is the alternative? You likely want to start a business that takes minimal skills and budget that can provide enough income to live the life you dream of. You begin to wonder if such a thing is a fantasy. But then you hear of the many success stories online and wonder if it is something you can do.

So many of you have been asking yourself how people are making money online?

Maybe you're wondering why some marketers have success over and over again on platforms like JVzoo ™, Clickbank ™ , Udemy ™ and even Warrior Forum ™  and often become top sellers there?

Have you observed that many of those marketers are no smarter or talented than yourself, and many are less so? Yet they are successful and you are not. Isn't it annoying?

Have you been buying course after course trying to figure out how you can finally begin to start earning online, just to be left with a migraine and still unsure how to start?

Are you feeling like you are spinning your wheels in a giant mud pit, unable to get unstuck?

If all that has left you feeling discouraged and unsure you can make it, then you are definitely in the right place at the right time . On this page is everything you need to get your online career on track and moving toward success!

The difference between many of those who succeed online today, and those that fail, is simply having an online business based around a line of digital products.

Digital training courses are in high demand and have the lowest cost of entry to start building a real online business.

Sure…. there are dozens of ways to earn online, but by far, this is the simplest, easiest and most effective way. You can be up and running and making profits this week if you want.

Which brings me to the next part…

Why Digital Training Courses ?

What Sets Digital Courses Apart From Other Online Business Models?

Low Start Up, Low Risk, High Rewards

Regardless of whether you want to simply earn an extra few hundred dollars a month to pay off some bills, or you are looking to create a job crushing full-time income online so you have more time for family, friends, travel and other pursuits, building a business around digital training courses is the vehicle that will help get you there.

Building a business around digital training products means you can work when you want and where you want. Think about it… no other business can do that for you.

Most businesses require substantial start up cost along with a significant time investment. Many of the traditional business start ups go on to fail. With the capital and time investment required for these types of businesses, it is a considerable risk.

But a business based around digital training products takes a very small investment, ($100 or less if you bootstrap), and a little bit of your time.

For most of you reading this, that is a minimal investment. Don't you agree?

Most of you will find that over time, the business becomes largely automated freeing up time to pursue your passions while continuing to produce growing profits month after month.

Once you have a line of digital products for sale, the only thing you will need to do is drive traffic!

Are you getting excited yet?


So, I am sure you are now asking… how can I get started today?

I have great news for you. One Day Product Professor will take you from zero to your very own digital training course that you can produce in as little as a days time.

Of course you can take longer if you like, and choose your pace. That is one of the many benefits of running your own business.

Let's take a closer look at One Day Product Professor…

How Do I Launch A Digital Course?

This Complete Package Is A Step by Step Training To Creating Your Course Fast!

It does not get any easier than this!

Inside this course, you will find a living breathing example of everything we teach. The course itself was created using the very methods taught. You are going to experience every stage and detail involved in the process of putting together an awesome course your customers will love.

We will focus on all the steps from forming an idea for a course, to researching it, to putting it together, launching it and getting sales.

Nothing is left to your imagination. You will be delighted to find that when you know what to do… putting it all together is as simple as 1,2,3.


One Day Product Professor

A Step by Step System That Takes You From Novice To Getting Paid Teaching Any Topic


A Step by Step Multi-Media Training Package That includes videos, course guides, a mind map and audio training

which teaches you every aspect of putting together your own high quality courses you can sell on platforms like

JVzoo ™, Clickbank ™, Warrior Forum™ , Udemy ™ and Skill Share ™, among many others.

arrowsYou don't need to know anything special. The course package teaches how to build online courses  on topics you know and topics you don't know about.

You don't need any special tools. We introduce you to the premium and free open source tools so no matter your situation you can make a great course.

You never need to show your face unless you want to.

You can make and sell courses online without a big budget. When you know how, it's a breeze.


In this comprehensive course no stone is left unturned. You can start earning online right away with just a little effort and a very minimal budget.

8 Modules of Video Training

1. Introduction: Discover the different types of digital courses you can create and what the strengths and weaknesses of each option is.

2. Plan of Action: Understand what makes digital products sell and how you need to design your course so that people will be eager to buy it.

3. Begin Production: Know how to quickly create the type of digital courses you want… on a budget.

4. Research: Once you have laid the foundations of your course you will need to do research to make your course great.

5. Steps and Methods: You are going to experience every stage and detail involved in the process of putting together an awesome course your customers will love.

6. The Tools You Need: How to create a multi-media training course that includes video, audio, course guides and mind maps and the equipment and software you need to successfully create the course.

(Premium and Free Tools available)

7. Delivery and Promotion: You are now ready to take your course live, start promoting it and getting sales.

8. Recap and Final Review: In this final video we review all the details to help ensure you have a complete understanding of all that was covered inside the course. We then review each step needed to create and complete your course. 


Quick Start Course Guide

For those with some experience, or those who have completed the video training, but need a quick reference or refresher… this guide takes you through all the essential steps, without bogging you down with more in-depth details found in the main video course. This makes it perfect to get started quickly as well as being the go to resource when you need a refresher.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide

Here you will find links to tools and other resources that can help you when creating your course. We have provided you with links to both premium and free tools so that no matter what your budget or situation, you will have access to the things necessary to make your course great.

Mind Map

Mind Map

Get a 100 foot view at a glance. Anytime you want to see where to start and how to finish all at a glance… you can do so by simply looking at the mind map.

iPhone for mp3

mp3 Audio Files

We have included the mp3 files for all videos so you can listen with your iPhone, Android or even iPod. Listen and learn your way, where and when you want.

Fast Action Takers Will Also Get The Following Bonuses!

Endless Idea's: 7 Products In 7 Days Challenge

Inside this 90 page guide you will be walked through the process of having an endless supply of ideas and how to develop the skills to effortlessly transform those ideas into hot selling courses. Once you have the skills to wake up daily with ideas for products and the skill to put them together into sizzling courses your customers are itching to have, you will quickly become an authority and go to person in your niche. This leads to more sales and a thriving business.

Maximize Profits With These Pricing Strategies

Far to often we undervalue our products. This can lead to dwindling profits and even convince your customers your products are of little value. Inside this guide you will discover how to price your products to maximize sales while maintaining profits.

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!

Inside this bonus we walk you through free and paid methods to drive hordes of traffic to your product offer page. There is no question that to succeed online requires that we have something of value to sell, and people coming to our offer page to consider buying it. This very special bonus will show you ways you can get traffic coming to your offer page in as little as a few hours. Inside you will discover little known methods to get inexpensive, quality traffic using paid methods. And you will find the free methods that are working the best right now, to get traffic looking at your offer.  Don't miss out on this very special bonus. 

Here Is What Customers Have Said About Some Of My Courses.

Anneke Camstra

… It is really step by step

This is a course you will come back to, because it is really step by step how to use the programs that you need to get your message across.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        New Zealand

Wendell Brierly

Mark has laid out a workable plan of action

                               …learned a few new tricks!


Mary Elliot

…you will definitely benefit from this very comprehensive course.


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Remember… “Money Loves Speed”.

Get this course and get busy making your first product. If you take massive action you could have your first product completed with-in a days time and your first sale with-in a day or two after that.

How will you feel once you finally have your first product online and get that first sale?

How will you feel knowing that you really can do it?

With our 30 day, no quibbles, no questions asked guarantee, what do you have to lose? Nothing, right?

Give Yourself The Chance You Deserve. Take immediate action right now. Not Tomorrow… Today! You are moments away from having the power and techniques of creating online profits anytime you choose. This multi-media course is chalk full of the step by step tips, techniques and systems you need to finally pull it all together and start making profits. This training course can literally cut years of learning and allow you to get to earning online.

After all the effort you have made trying to make it online, don't you owe it to yourself to get One Day Product Professor?

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One Day Product Professor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this about production creation?

Yes. In particular it is about creating digital training courses that can be sold online from platforms such as a website, wordpress site, JVzoo™, Udemy™, Clickbank™ and others.

Is this mostly for Internet Marketing topics?

No. I.M. is certainly one area you can build courses on, but far from the only topic. You can make courses on topics you are interested in and have some knowledge of… and even on topics you know nothing about. We teach you how inside.

Here are some example courses you might make once you know how:
How to home school your children, Beginner Bar Tender, How to become a truck driver, Beginner Chess, How to survive the Apocalypse, How to lose weight after giving birth, How to pole dance, How to get started on the speed bag for beginner boxers and martial artist, How to house train your new puppy in under 72 hours, How to complete the Rubik's cube, how to speed type, how to speed read, how to meditate, how to grow roses or tulips … and the list goes on and on and on and on and on…

Once you understand how to put a course together and research the topic to create a unique product, then putting together a complete training package is simple and routine.

Do I need to pay for traffic?

It is up to you. Those that take advantage of this right now will receive not only the training for course creation, but a substantial bonus that teaches about the most effective free and paid traffic sources and methods that are working now.

What if I am a newbie?

No problem at all. In fact it may be a great benefit because you won't have to waste time and money chasing one method after another. Just go through this training, put it to work and keep focused on this business model and you can make it.

How soon before I start to see results?

It is possible to start to see results with-in a few days if you really put yourself to the fire by completing the course, making your first product and getting traffic flowing to your offer.

For a complete beginner who has only a couple of hours a day to work on it may take a couple of weeks or a better, but it is all up to each person and how much time you have and are willing to spend making that first product and getting it online.

The first couple of courses will take the longest; then it gets easier and faster with each one after that until you can literally turn out a complete course in hours and even have traffic flowing to it the same day.

How is the training delivered?

This is a multimedia course that includes video training, audio training, pdf course guides, a Quick Start Guide, Resource Guide, mind map and several awesome bonuses that round out this Training Package and make it one of the best bargains on the internet.

Is there a guarantee?

Certainly. You get a 30 day, no quibbles, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If this is not for you we will promptly refund your purchase amount and remove your access from the members area.

How much money can I make?

This is a question students often ask. The law prohibits making any earnings guarantees and we never do so.

It is possible that you might not earn anything and in rare cases you might even lose some money.

The potential is $0.00 – $1,000's a month. Even $10,000's a month are possible, but not typical. The only person that can guarantee you anything in life is YOU!

How much do you want to earn? How much do you need to earn to make this a full time career that would allow you to quit your day job?

$100, $200, and even $300 a day is in my opinion very possible for those who focus and take action. But it really is up to you. You need to complete the training, then apply the training and finally you need to have the determination to stick to it until you succeed.

Starting a business online or off takes courage, determination, hard work and persistence along with doing the right things. This training will show you how to do the right things. The courage and persistence and so on is up to you.

The best way to know how much you can earn is to get the training and then put it to work.

Don’t Miss Out On This Very Special Offer. The Retail Price Is $97.00 But You Can Get An Instant 50% Savings If You Act Right Now!


Click The Button Below For Instant Access. You Could Be Getting Payments To Your Paypal Account From Sales Of Your Product As Soon As Today!
One Day Product Professor

To Your Success,
Mark J Collins

P.S. There will never be a better time to get started then right now. Get in at this super discounted price!

P.P.S. You already know you want to build an online business. Creating digital training courses has the lowest cost of entry and the shortest learning curve. Take action now!

P.P.P.S. All The Risk Is On Me. You Have Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose. Believe In Yourself And Take Action Now!

Your Success Is Determined By Your Decisions.  Choose To Have Success!

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